*Editor’s note: This post was originally published 5/6/2017.

Art and the Angels

for post on the art of Seraphym Designs

for post on Seraphym DesignsArt is authentic in its essence when it draws us to God. Everything that is truly beautiful, reflects the opulence, kindness, and generosity of God. He could have made the world gray with no contrast between objects, no depth or texture. Instead, He has given us a magnificent creation so vast, varied, and profound that we could spend our entire lives exploring its creative grandeur and we would still not plumb His ineffable genius.

We know authentic beauty when it takes our breath away… when we stumble upon it and are stopped in our tracks. We are drawn into it as to God because it leads us to God. Most of us have experienced this walking into a beautiful cathedral or as we turn a corner to face a painting or sculpture that seems to emerge out of a force that is beyond human. Our instinct is to stop and wonder and contemplate. In these moments, we are nearer to God than we know.

Just this past week I was scrolling through Facebook of all places and I was struck by this kind of beauty in a simple photo. The picture was of a rosary with an ancient bronze crucifix and a beautiful medal celebrating Mary’s appearance in Fatima. The rosary was and is authentic art because it took my breath away and drew my heart to the One for whom it was made.

In an over-marketed society, we can sometimes confuse promotion for the sake of commerce with authentic praise of something extraordinary. I assure you that my praise here is authentic and that the moment was real. The art that I stumbled upon is real because it drew my heart to what is truly Real.

There are many beautiful rosaries in the world and beautiful souls that make them. In my experience, none are as beautiful as those designed by Arasely Rios the founder of Seraphym Designs [click here to visit website]. Please reward her excellence by becoming a patron of her fine work. Be blessed, spread the beauty and allow your heart to be drawn to God.


Art for this post on Art that Draws Us to God – Seraphym Designs: Photography used with permission of Arasely Rios.

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