Exorcist Diary: Whose Voice in Your Head?

In the midst of sessions, the demons often diss us, especially the exorcist. They try to tear us down, even using sacred symbols. In the past they have criticized me for many things: “You don’t say Mass every day” (I missed a few days); “Some of you here did not go to confession today” (the demon then mentioned the names of every person in the room who hadn’t; “You didn’t kiss your stole before you put it on.” (Priests traditionally kiss the cross on the stole before wearing it.)

The demons are not concerned about the quality of my spiritual life. They are trying to tear down my self-esteem. Ironically, I now make sure I kiss the cross on my stole; I go to confession every week; I never miss a day of saying Mass no matter what the circumstances.

We all have little voices in our ears. Daily we hear messages, some build us up but many try to tear us down. The latter tell us that we are not measuring up; we are not good enough; we are alone and no one cares; there is no hope for us. These are messages from Satan, no matter how disguised in religious symbolism they might be.

God’s message to us is one of love and support. God tells us that we are loved and we are forgiven. We are welcomed into the Kingdom. God never stops looking at us and communicating a message of love and mercy.

Take a moment during the day and pay attention to the messages you are hearing inside your head. If it builds you up in joy and peace, it comes from God. If it tears you down, it is Satan’s voice. Whenever the latter comes, reject the Evil One and turn in confidence to your Loving Father.

Editor’s note: You can order Monsignor Rossetti’s book here.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.
This post was originally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.

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