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Mental Prayer Q&A – What does a colloquy sound like?

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “Mental Prayer Q&A – What does a colloquy sound like?” in which we answer user-submitted questions about mental prayer!

If you would like to see the special live audience Q&A which takes place after the show is over, make sure to watch the video above!

(Live audience Q&A is edited out of the podcast audio due to time restraints and can only be seen on video.)

The questions answered on today’s show:

“What does a colloquy sound like? How can one have a one-way dialogue?”

“Good afternoon, help with mind wandering, even a prayerful thought can lead one to distraction. Thank you!”

“The saints and others have penned beautiful prayers that I use during my prayer time, but I have difficulty praying them from the heart, maybe due to language or simply reading them. How can I make these prayers my own and from my heart?”

“How can we hold on to the grace, the contrition, and the love that we receive and touch during morning mental prayer? How do we ensure that our hearts are fertile soil and not dry, thorny, or rocky ground? Staying recollected while writing emails about HVAC equipment at work is proving tough.”

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