I learned again how toxic anger is. I was in the midst of an exorcism session and the energumen (possessed person) leapt up and attacked me. That has happened before but it is unusual. Normally there is a kind of spiritual bubble around me; God does not let them physically attack me during a session. However, I get a lot of verbal abuse from the demons and they try to get into my head.

Fortunately, the possessed person was not physically strong, being rather petite. But it took a couple of team members to contain her. No doubt some demonic strength was in her. I got angry when she attacked me and gripped her arm tightly, although I didn’t show the anger on the outside. Nonetheless, the demon’s voice chided me for losing my temper. (They never miss an opportunity to diss me!)

Sure enough, as we continued the session, the demons stopped reacting and seemed non-plussed by the whole thing. Something was wrong. So, I stopped the session, went into the other room with one of the priests and confessed the sin of losing my temper. He absolved me and we went back into the session. Once again, the demons started to react to the prayers.

The demons were feeding off my anger. A good note to self: confess any unhealed anger before entering a session! Also, try not to let the demons provoke you. When you get angry, then they have a hook in you and the sessions stall out.

Image (modified)  courtesy of Unsplash.

This post was originally published on Catholicexorcism.org and is reprinted here with permission.

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