In the midst of a recent prayer session, after the demons were fully manifest, I commanded them to put two Benedictine metal medallions (about 1 and ¾” in diameter) on the location of the demons. (I had placed a medallion in each of the person’s hands, as I typically do. They often complain that these blessed objects burn them.) The demons that possess a person are attached to particular points on the body. The locations are sometimes based upon the sin—e.g. on the hands when they have done sinful behavior with hands.

I commanded them to tell me how many they were and the response was “three.” I commanded them to put a medallion where one was and so the person’s right hand went to her left chest. I commanded them to put a medallion on the next location and it went on the throat. Then I commanded them to put a medallion on the final spot and it was on the forehead.

I laid my hand with the priest’s stole on her throat and they went nuts. She choked and doubled over. It was clearly a strong reaction and this particular demon was losing it. It appeared that it finally left. She confirmed afterward that she thought something left from her throat area.

I’ve never commanded demons to locate themselves before but it seemed to work. In the past, I have asked our charismatic people to locate the demons and we concentrated on those places. However, this is a new tactic that might work in other cases, but only if the demons are weak enough to be obedient.*


*I did this again today with another possessed person and again the hand with the medallion went to the left chest. When we prayed specifically over this spot, the demons howled! This tactic can definitely work.

This post was originally published in and is reprinted here with permission.
Image (modified)  courtesy of Pixabay.

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