A couple of days ago, I received an interesting text from one of our team members after she assisted at an exorcism session. She said she felt graced during the session. She texted, “It was like being inside a warm house during a storm.”

Exorcisms are indeed stormy. The possessed often scream. Many of them vomit so we now have a waste basket with a plastic insert at the ready.

Both of these, screaming and vomiting, are actually good signs. If the person screams during the session it means that the prayers are very effective and the demons are screaming in pain as God’s grace touches them. When the person begins to vomit, it is typically a sign that some of the demons are starting to leave.

In the midst of all of this ugliness, team members often tell me they walk out of a session feeling graced. Despite the ugliness, God’s grace touches them in a quiet but palpable way. I must say it is the same for me. An exorcism is an ugly, ugly event. While I walk out of a session feeling drained, there is also a deep sense of God’s peace.

Image (modified) from Depositphotos.

Originally published on catholicexorcism.org and reprinted here with permission.

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