There are a number of cases reported where dogs (and cats) are able to sense the presence of demons. I think some of them can actually see them. In the book: The Demon of Brownsville Road, the family dog actually parked himself next to the couple’s bed to protect them at night and barked when the demons approached.

One of our gifted people who sees demons has a dog that also senses the presence of demons. The dog will bark when they are approaching, usually a few moments before the demon actually is in sight of the person. So the dog provides her with a little warning, although she said that the dog is “worthless” in getting rid of them. Apparently, demons are not afraid of dogs and pretty much ignore them.

This is also true of some very young children. I just got a note from a priest who told me about a man who went into a property of his that was being rented by a couple. Unfortunately, the renter was summoning the dead with an Ouija board. A big no-no! The famous movie, The Exorcist, is based on the story of a young lad who was using an Ouija board for months and became possessed. Surely the property is now infested with demons.

The man came out of the property holding the Ouija board, somewhat surprised to find such an occult practice being conducted on his property. As he was walking out of the building with the Ouija board in his hand, his little girl told her mother that Daddy was coming out of the house followed by a “silly gilly gumbo.” The mother knew what the girl meant and blanched. No doubt, it was a demon.

When we get older, we lose the childlike simplicity and their occasional ability to “see” the spiritual— angels and demons.


Image (modified) courtesy of Unsplash.

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