I was having lunch with one of our gifted laity. We have several. This person has the gift of actually seeing demons. The plates of food were placed by the server in front of us but she did not start eating. It was noticeable. Finally, she looked up and said, “Aren’t you going to bless the food?”

By her demeanor, I knew something was up. I answered, “Something wrong with the food?” She nodded but said nothing. I guessed, “Are there some demons on it?” She said, “Yes.” I gave the typical blessing over a meal. She said the demons quickly left. Again, when the dessert came out, she hesitated. So, I asked again, “Are there demons on this too?” Again, she said, ‘Yes.” This time I made her say the blessing and they left.

Kind of makes you wonder what was going on in the kitchen?! This was a rare occurrence (as far as I know) that she saw them on the food. I wonder if one of the kitchen staff was cursing the food before it went out. This might seem odd but I have found out that there are more people cursing things and engaged in occult practices than I would have expected.

If we had eaten the food with the demons on it, I don’t know for sure what would have happened. No doubt it wouldn’t have been pleasant. I probably would have chalked it all up to indigestion or something.

The moral of the story: don’t go anywhere without your own mystic! ha! Also, you can bet I am a bit more diligent about blessing meals before I eat them…Who wants to eat a demon?


Image (modified), Depositphotos.

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