In a rough case, an individual was initially infested with almost 900 demons, which the demons revealed under duress. After over a year of praying, the number slowly started to dwindle, which gave us all much hope. At one point, we finished a session and the count was down to 704. However, at the beginning of the following session, I demanded to know how many were present and they said, “720.” “720”, I said, “I thought it was 704.” The response came with a gloating, almost jubilant sneer, “Round Two!” Rats. The demons got reinforced. And it turns out that the leader of this new group was Gressil, a well-known powerful demon. But after a few sessions, Gressil and his group were expelled. Round Two for Jesus!

Recently, we had another case where we were down to two leading demons and their followers. Then all of a sudden, a third one shows up, seen by our gifted individual. “Where did he come from?” I asked. She just shrugged her shoulders. So, we spiritually pounded away for a long time and it finally left. I spent the rest of the day in bed and she too was wiped out for three days. Demons suck the energy out of you.

Demons can be reinforced. There are certainly plenty of demons in hell to go around. But fortunately the Lord doesn’t allow much of it. Also, we exorcists say the Umbrellino prayer at the beginning of each session to surround the demons with the good angels and to stop any reinforcements. But sometimes they are allowed to do so anyway. The good news is that reinforcements typically have less of a hold on the person and are more easily exorcized. It still is bad news when it happens.

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