Exorcist Diary: Do Demons Beat up Other Demons?

We are in the process of exorcising the last demon out of a person, by the grace of God. While manifesting, the person (demon) looked up and got a worried look. I commanded the demon to tell me why it was not leaving. It said, “The others will beat me up. They are calling me a coward.” Clearly, the demon was frightened.

This reminds me of a case we had a few years ago. As the demons were weakening, they were starting to answer my questions. When demons start being obedient to the exorcist, then you know they are weakening and close to leaving.

As I pumped the demons for helpful information on how many demons were left, what were the names of the leaders, and other pertinent info, the demons tried to stop answering. When I demanded to know why, the leader said, “The others will beat me up. They are already angry about me giving this information.”

Some mystics have had visions of hell and noted that demons beat up the humans in hell. It’s massively ugly. But what they haven’t seen is that demons beat each other up too. Demons maintain their strict angelic hierarchy in hell and demand slavish subservience from lower ranking demons. They do so by threats and beatings, even among their own kind. Don’t believe it?

Hell is not a democracy. It is a place of slavish torture and violence. It’s all the demons know; it is who they are. Isn’t it somewhat ironic- they wouldn’t obey God who loves them, so now they are slaves to Satan and their demonic masters who only know how to hate and punish.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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