Exorcist Diary: Casting Out Coronavirus Related Demons

I want to pass along the experience of our Philippine Brothers in the exorcism ministry. They are doing a great job of mobilizing their exorcism teams in the wake of the crisis. They are saying the Leo XIII exorcism prayers and adding the names of the evil spirits directly attacking people in the wake of the virus. Their gifted people identified the following: spirits of death, infirmity, despair, confusion or chaos, division (disunity), anxiety, avarice, injustice, fear, anger, hatred, lust, sloth, and pride. So, they are recommending that the priests use the Leonine exorcism and add the following prayers: In Latin: “Exorcizámus te, omnis immúnde spíritus –mortis, infirmitas, desperationis, confusionis (chaos), schismae, anxietatis, avaritiae et iniustitiae, timoris, irae, odii, lussuriae, accidiae, superbiae, omni satánica potéstas, omnis incúrsio infernális adversárii, omnis légio, omnis congregátio et secta diabólica, in nómini et virtúte Dómini nostri Jesu Christi eradicáre et effugáre a Dei Ecclésia, ab animábus ad imáginem Dei cónditis ac pretióso divíni Agni sánguini redémptis  …,”

In English: “We drive you from us, whoever you may be, unclean spirits,  spirits of death, infirmity, despair, confusion, division (disunity), anxiety, avarice and injustice, fear, anger, hatred, lust, sloth, and pride, all satanic powers, all infernal invaders, all wicked legions, assemblies and sects; in the Name and by the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ, may you be snatched away and driven from the Church of God and from the souls made to the image and likeness of God and redeemed by the Precious Blood of the Divine Lamb…”

They also recommended that the command to leave, “Vade Satana,” be repeated at least 12 times. They added that they have given the laity permission to use this command, “Vade Satana”, over their families since parents have a recognized spiritual authority over them. Generally speaking, laity can use the same prayers as the priests but should refrain from addressing demons directly. Rather, they should adjust the prayers so they are directed to God/Jesus/BVM and asking them to cast out the demons; these are “deprecatory” prayers.

They also suggested that priests reciting the prayers of minor exorcism also say prayers of protection such as a “Sealing Prayer of Protection” and a “Binding Prayer.” These can be found in our APP: “Catholic Exorcism” under “Prayers for use by Priests in Deliverance of People & Places.”

Moreover, they have had problems transmitting deliverance prayers over tech. Demons are tech freaks and find malicious delight in disrupting our communications. So, they recommended blessing and praying over your technology before you do so, as we typically do.

The coronavirus is a real medical crisis. It is also a spiritual crisis. The medical professionals are working hard to protect us. The spiritual “professionals” need to do the same. So, let’s get praying these prayers and mobilizing God’s legions of angels to cast out these ugly demons. There is not a moment to lose!

Originally published at catholicexorcism.org and shared here with permission.
Image Credit: Eugène Delacroix, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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