Exorcist Diary #5: Plumber or Holy Water Needed?

We had a very difficult exorcism case. The demons present were high-ranking and it was a long and terrible battle. In the end, the Blessed Virgin showed up and cast Lucifer out!

At one point, one of the assisting priests was having problems in his rectory. The plumbing was stopped up and the toilets didn’t work. It lasted for over a week. He had the plumbers in on several occasions and they could find nothing wrong. They assured him that his waste system was fine. But why wasn’t it working?

He mentioned the problem to me and, recognizing that his problem might not be physical, I responded, “Try throwing some holy water on it.” He did and everything immediately started working again.

Demons love to harass us. God does not allow them to seriously hurt us so they do whatever they can to tempt, frighten, harass and intimidate. As I tell the team, do not be swayed by such adolescent tricks. Jesus is Lord! Trust in him.

But it does go to show you: Sometimes in life you need a plumber, but other times, you need a bit of holy water.

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