Rough case today. We thought it would be a simple case of a mild demonic oppression. As we began the prayers of liberation, I was attacked by demons. My stomach got instantly nauseous, it spread to my head and the rest of my body. My whole being felt spiritually pummeled throughout the session. It was difficult to stay in the room and continue the session. Ugh.

After the session was over, a gifted person in the room (before I could tell him my experience), said he saw the demons attacking me at the beginning of the session and he also described the same thing- it started with my stomach and went to my head. So this was a confirmation. I am not crazy! Being pummeled by demons is an experience that is hard to mistake.

But it was also a grace. Now we know this person has a serious demonic problem. So, we will schedule many more sessions. And, I hope and pray, as the demons attack us, that it is a grace for him and more quickly results in his liberation. Praise be to the Lord!

Featured Image: Adapted from Tuscan School-The Temptation of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Wikimedia Commons
This post originally appeared in and is shared here with permission.

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