Exorcist Diary #3: Why Do Demons Choke People?

A man recently called and said his house was infested with demons. He added that they recently attacked him in bed and choked him. He couldn’t breathe. So, he instinctively said in a loud voice, “In the name of Jesus, get off me!” He said this several times. Finally, the demons stopped.

Many people who are attacked by demons say that they are sometimes choked by them. In the midst of exorcist sessions, the possessed person will not uncommonly start choking. During the worst case we had, the demons said, through the mouth of the possessed person, they are “forced” to choke this person because of what the exorcism team was doing to them. So, the demons tried to blame it on us. My response, “Nice try.”

Why do demons choke people? First, it is something animals do. They grab their prey by the throat to subdue it and to kill it. Demons are not allowed to kill people but they can choke people in certain limited circumstances, especially the possessed. Demons act like vicious beasts and are often portrayed as animals. They choke people to try to establish their authority over the person and also to frighten and intimidate them. If you’ve ever been choked, you know how terrifying it can be.

But, rest assured, God does not allow the demons to kill us. Also, the proper response is what the man spontaneously did: he commanded the demons In Jesus’ name to stop. We all have authority over our own bodies and we can exercise this authority by telling the demons to leave.

Demons try to establish their control through intimidation and fear. We should remember always that Jesus is Lord! and we trust in him.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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