Exorcist Diary #2: Dropped Call or Demons?

A priest in need of consultation tried to call me this morning. He had a thorny case of someone who, he believed, had a real demonic problem. He had just used his cell phone in that spot earlier and it worked fine. I also was in a good spot and calls that day went through fine. But this time, we tried again and again and again, more than a dozen times. We would begin to speak and then it just went dead.

It seemed unnatural to me so the next time I quickly said, “Let’s say a prayer.” We prayed to the BVM and St Michael to keep the phone lines open. That time, it worked just fine. We had a good chat and he really did have someone who was in strong need of deliverance praying.

Consistently, I find that possessed people, on occasion, will have great problems connecting on the phone to their priest-spiritual directors or to an exorcist. As their exorcist, there are times when they inexplicably can’t get through on the phone. We see a clear pattern of demonic interference trying to stop these troubled people from getting in touch with the priest helping them. The demons do whatever they can to isolate their targets. Staying in touch with a priest is the last thing the demons want. And demons love to mess with gadgets!

Solution? Pray over the phone lines to keep them clear. Also, we typically have a backup way to stay in touch as well. We may use skype or some other internet form of communication. Or we contact a close friend or family member who then contacts the afflicted person. Eventually, we always get through. The demons can slow us down but with a little perseverance and prayer, we get through. This is typical of demonic harassment- they can stall, harass, and try to make things difficult but, in the end, God always wins!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.
This post originally appeared on catholicexorcism.org and is used here with permission.

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