How can I repay the Lord

for all the great good done for me?

Psalm 116:12

We are “wrapping up” a season of gift-giving.  As the calendar year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to focus on gratitude for all of the gifts and mercies God has given us this past year.  

How can we ever thank Him?

How can we thank Him for His provision for us spiritually and materially?  How can we thank Him for sustaining us, hearing us, calling us, forgiving us, loving us?  How can we thank Him for the gift of creation and salvation, for the grace of the sacraments, especially coming to us in the flesh in Holy Communion?

Nothing we could do would ever be enough.  And yet, we are called to respond in love.  First of all, God wants our hearts in prayer.  And from that flows a life given over in gratitude.

If the Avila Foundation has been a part of this year’s blessings, of God’s loving providence for you, I would ask you to consider making a return to the Lord in the form of a recurring donation to sustain our work and spread the mission of bring authentic Catholic spirituality to souls all over the world.  

Please donate here and help us renew the Church.

You will literally be gifting souls with the life-giving water of the true and timeless wisdom of the Church.  You will be transforming the world from the inside out, renewing lives, giving hope to others—helping them find what you have found.

Somewhere there is a young man feeling a tug on his heart toward seminary.  Somewhere there is a husband and father struggling in his marriage.  Somewhere a tired young mom is looking for an alternative to the deceptive peace of yoga and mindfulness.  

Will you help us make sure that they will find the help they need?  Will you help us lead them to the truth that you have found?

This is one way to say “thank you” to God for what He has done for you.  

And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you.  On the top of my own list of blessings are those whose generous response to God’s call has made all of this possible.  For your prayers and financial gifts, thank you.  You are God’s providence to me.

May you be blessed a hundred times over for your great-hearted generosity to me and to the mission of the Avila Foundation.  We wouldn’t exist without you. We can’t continue without you.

To keep the mission of the Avila Foundation alive, please make a recurring gift here:

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, friends.  May it be a time of renewal of your spirits and restoration of your hope.  Thank you for being hope for the world!

Yours in Christ,

Dan Burke


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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