Day by Day with Saint Faustina: October 30th

Preparing for Death 

In the meditation on death, I prepared myself as if for real death. I examined my conscience and searched all my affairs at the approach of death and, thanks be to grace, my affairs were directed toward that ultimate goal. This filled my heart with great gratitude to God, and I resolved to serve my God even more faithfully in the future. One thing alone is necessary: to put my old self to death and to begin a new life. In the morning, I prepared to receive Holy Communion as if it were to be the last in my life, and after Holy Communion I brought before my imagination my actual death, and I said the prayers for the dying and then the De Profundis for my own soul. (Diary, 1343)

Less than a year before St. Faustina’s death, her words, her example, are good ones for us. How can we, here and now, “put our old self to death and begin a new life”? How often do we consider our own death? How often do we pray for the dying?

Dear Lord and Beloved Blessed Mother, help me be prepared for my death. To die a happy death — in the state of grace. Help me die to myself now so I can live with both of you forever.



This article is adapted from a chapter in Day by Day with Saint Faustina by Susan Tassone, which is available from Sophia Institute Press.

Art for this post on Preparation for Death: Cover and featured image used with permission.

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