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Where can I  find solid spiritual formation?

It’s a good question.

I have a friend who spent some time discerning religious life in a beautiful, vibrant order.  While she realized she didn’t have a vocation, she will always appreciate the depth of spiritual formation she received during her time in the convent.  But she probably speaks for many of us when she asked me recently in frustration, “Where can I find solid formation out here ‘in the world’ which will take me beyond the surface-level studies I keep coming across?  Where can I be challenged?”

The Avila Institute and have always sought to be a place of profound encounter with Christ and His Church in its truest form.  We are excited to invite you to listen in to a new resource in this ever-deepening journey to God:

The following are unedited off-the-cuff reflections from Dan Burke on recent a recent Gospel passage from daily Mass (Novus Ordo). If these are a blessing to you and you would like to hear more, they are free but only available to those who join  It’s a simple process to sign-up; come and check out the growing collection of powerful reflections from Dan!

Matthew 19 23-30 The Dangers of Wealth and How to Overcome Them – Part 1

Matthew 19 23-30 The Dangers of Wealth and How to Overcome Them – Part 2 of 2

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