Book Review: The Q & A Guide to Mental Prayer by Connie Rossini

Everyone is called to an intimate relationship with God that is formed and strengthened in prayer, but most of us have never been taught exactly how to begin to pray or what that will look like as it develops.  Many of us don’t have spiritual directors and may find ourselves asking questions such as:  What is contemplation? Can I practice both meditative and Charismatic prayer?  What is the dark night of the soul?  And we may not know where to find a complete and trustworthy compilation of answers to our earnest questions.  That is, until now.

Author Connie Rossini has assembled 125 of the most common of these questions and answered them in her new e-book, The Q & A Guide to Mental Prayer.  Drawing from the wisdom of Sts. Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis de Sales and others, she has written a summary which is concise, clear, and easy to read. Grounded on Church teaching, she offers a balanced approach which makes authentic, transformative prayer seem accessible for even the busiest of us.

And she is well-qualified to do so.  From her Amazon page: “Connie Rossini has been studying and practicing Carmelite spirituality for nearly 30 years. The questions in this book come from the 11,000 members of her Facebook group Authentic Contemplative Prayer, as well as the many people who contact her privately through her blog, social media, or at conferences. She is known for both her orthodoxy and her ability to make difficult concepts understandable for the average person. Whatever stage of prayer you are at, you will likely learn something new from reading The Q & A Guide to Mental Prayer.”

This book is highly recommended and will be a well-used companion for those who are deliberately seeking to grow closer to God through the practice of daily mental prayer.  It is available for pre-order on Kindle here.


Cover image used with permission.

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