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October 30, 2018: Resources Edition – Dr. Kevin Vost, How to Think Like Aquinas

How does one of the Catholic Church’s greatest philosophical thinkers optimize his intellect? Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson as they speak with Dr. Kevin Vost about his book, How to Think Like Aquinas to find out.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • How is Dr. Vost trying to reinvigorate the writings and thinking of St. Thomas Aquinas?
  • How did St. Thomas Aquinas bring Dr. Vost to convert from Atheism to Catholicism?
  • How has St. Thomas helped Dr. Vost better understand human psychology?
  • Why is St. Thomas Aquinas referred to as the Angelic Doctor?
  • Was the book intended to address memory issues or for other reasons?
  • What is the significance of St. Thomas’s letter to Brother John?
  • How does St. Thomas address falsehoods in modern thinking?
  • Why should we think like Aquinas as opposed to other philosophical thinkers?
  • What are the most common, logical fallacies of our time and how can we combat them?
  • Why does St. Thomas promote prayer when discussing better thinking techniques and practices?


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