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October 26, 2018: Q&A – Mortification vs. Penance, Being Misunderstood, Studying the Old Testament, & Temptations

Join Dan and Stephanie Burke as they answer your questions about the difference between penance and mortification, being misunderstood in the workplace, reflecting on the Old Testament, and wrestling with countless temptations.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • What is the difference between penance and mortification?
  • Mortification brings us strength of the will.
  • How can one handle being misunderstood continuously, so much so that it affects one’s reputation?
  • How can one best read the Old Testament when it feels as though the God of the Old Testament is so different than the Trinitarian God that we find in the New Testament?
  • How does one cope with a constant flood of temptations?


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