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October 9, 2018: Resources Edition – Dr. Gerard Verschuuren, 40 Anti-Catholic Lies Part 6

Why do Catholics focus so much on the crucifixion instead of the resurrection? Why do they claim to eat Jesus’ body and drink His blood during the Mass? Join Melissa Elson in part six of a series of interviews with Dr. Gerard Verschuuren about his book, Forty Anti-Catholic Lies, to shed light on these questions about the Faith.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • Why do Catholics “wallow” in Christ’s passion instead of focusing more on His resurrection?
  • Why is suffering an important concept to embrace as a believer of Christ?
  • How can the bitterness of Christ’s passion and death help us perceive the resurrection as being even more glorious?
  • What is Jesus’ message about suffering?
  • What message does Jesus reveal to us through His passion?
  • Do Catholics really eat the body and blood of Jesus?
  • Should Catholics be considered cannibals?
  • What is transubstantiation?


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