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October 5, 2018: Q&A – Conversation with God, Spiritual Gluttony, and the Timeline of Spiritual Progress

Join Dan and Stephanie Burke as they answer your questions about prayer, distractions at Mass, conversation with God, spiritual gluttony and the timeline of spiritual progress.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • What does “let us bless the Lord” mean the Liturgy of the Hours?
  • What should we do when we are distracted at Mass after receiving Holy Communion?
  • St. Teresa of Avila says prayer is the dialogue of the soul with God or conversation with God. How is this dialogue supposed to happen if both St. Teresa and St. John of the cross discourage people from paying too much attention to inner locutions?
  • What is spiritual gluttony and how does it affect our spiritual life?
  • In what order to the different “nights” take place in the spiritual life? For instance, when does the “night of sense” take place, during the purgative, illuminative or unitive stage?


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