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October 2, 2018: Resources Edition – Dr. Gerard Verschuuren, 40 Anti-Catholic Lies, Part 5

Do Catholics really worship statues and live by rituals? Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson in part five of their interview with Dr. Gerard Verschuuren about his book, Forty Anti-Catholic Lies to debunk these myths.

Topics/Questions Covered in the Show:

  • Do Catholics worship statues?
  • Why did the Catholic Church include statues and stained glass in the its churches?
  • What are icons and why are they important to Catholics, especially the Eastern rites?
  • Do Catholics live by rituals?
  • What are rituals and why is there a negative connotation associated with rituals?
  • Rituals are required in the Old Testament.
  • Are rituals ever empty of meaning and purpose?
  • What is the difference between rituals and routine?


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