Are You Looking to Re-invigorate Your Parish?

Do you want to help your parish or friends deepen their faith and learn to hear and follow the voice of God in their lives?
Would you like to see those you love learn how the enemy can influence them and how they can be set free?

Dan Burke’s events have drawn thousands to a deeper relationship with God.

Dan is a man broken by sin and loved and redeemed by God. Founder of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation,, and Divine Intimacy Radio, Dan is also the author or editor of ten books on Catholic Spirituality. Dan’s work also includes his role as Executive Director of EWTN’s National Catholic Register. His life mission is to encourage, inspire, and equip the faithful to come to know and be transformed by the life of God.

“Engaging, accessible, and rooted in the great doctors of the Church… I would recommend Dan for any audience that has a desire to grow in intimacy with the Lord, whether they are advanced or beginners…I hope that Dan’s message – which is the message of Christ and his saints – will continue to reverberate, and that many people will be blessed by it. As a priest, my one fundamental desire for God’s people is that they grow in intimacy with Christ, and Dan is a great ally in that effort. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his resources.” ~ Fr. Timothy D. Hepner – Vocation Director – Diocese of Peoria, IL

Because of his overwhelming love for our Lord, Dan has dedicated his life to helping others also find what they need to make a lifelong, unwavering commitment to Him. Dan travels to parishes across the country highlighting two areas most needed for that commitment – prayer and discernment of spirits.

Below is a brief synopsis of both talks:

Into the Deep: Finding Peace through Prayer

Dan delivers three moving talks on the secrets of the saints regarding how to deepen our prayer lives and answer Jesus invitation to “put out into the deep.” Through his passion for his faith, Dan brings you into his personal journey through finding Jesus. He delves into his struggles to accept love and to love others as He loves us. Dan then takes his journey and ties it into the essential need for prayer and how to begin a prayer life of your own or increase your prayer so that you develop a closer relationship with Christ. In this event, Dan also provides a very powerful approach to extending the impact of the event into our daily lives for months and years to come.

Setting the Captives Free: Spiritual Warfare and the Voice of God

Giving three powerful talks on the discernment of spirits, Dan’s uses his own testimony to help you understand the forces offor post on how to re-invigorate your parish
darkness and light and how they drive us to despair or liberation. Practical progress in spiritual warfare and hearing the voice of God using Discernment of Spirits is then followed by the final rules and examen prayer to implement concrete steps in finding peace of mind and discerning God’s will moving from encounter to commitment. The foundation to fighting spiritual warfare and hearing the voice of God are given so that you can find a lifetime of peace.

Dan is now taking requests for speaking engagements in 2018!


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