Time for Good News

Time for Good News

Time for Good News: The news of our time can be so sad, so dark. And yet we know that living the life of Christ overcomes the darkness of this world. Moreover, there are sources to get your news that can enlighten and enliven your life.  As Executive Director of the National Catholic Register, I’d like to bless you with a special opportunity to receive the news through the lens of the Faith, with 6 free issues of the Register – no strings attached.

I wholeheartedly offer the Register to you because I know personally how much blood, sweat, and tears the Register staff puts into getting each article and each feature right.  I believe it can and will help you see the events of our time through a catechetical framework. From the stories of the lives of the Saints, the good news surrounding what Catholics are doing today for Christ in the pro-life and pro-family movements, to key topics of concern, the Register is chalk full of edifying content.

You see, the Register explains the Church’s views on today’s issues, equipping you to defend your Faith. Delivered every other week, the paper features international and Vatican news, arts, and entertainment, book reviews, travel, education, commentary and more. I believe the Register will help you to further grow in your faith, bring the light of Christ to the world, and embrace faith-teaching moments with family and friends.

Please see for yourself with a 6 free issue trial! And, in this season of giving, the Register also makes a great gift.

Click here now for your 6 free issue trial of the Register.


Art for this post on the time for good news: Logo for the National Catholic Register (a service of EWTN) is used with permission, all rights are reserved.

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