Into the Deep: Finding Peace Through Prayer by Dan Burke

Into the Deep: Finding Peace Through Prayer
by Dan Burke


preorder into the deepDo you want to improve in your prayer life? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

The saints teach us that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. The forces of the world, the flesh, and the devil can make it difficult to be faithful and persistent in prayer. Dan Burke knows the struggle. And, his new book Into the Deep: Finding Peace through Prayer examines the challenges that keep us all of us from a deeper prayer life. It also provides practical insights on how to overcome them. An easy and conversational read, Into the Deep is the perfect companion for your mental prayer.

The book is available now by clicking this link.



From the inside cover of the book:

Prayer it’s mysterious, challenging, frustrating . . . and life-changing. Discover why growing in prayer, which sometimes can be compared to a battle, is worth every ounce of effort you give it. Even if you’ve never prayed, or if you’ve never developed the habit of daily prayer, God is waiting to meet you where you are and encourage you every step of the way. Using a simple approach to prayer, you’ll learn how even ten minutes a day can change your life. Author Dan Burke explains how to set up your own sacred prayer space, discusses the common obstacles to prayer, and provides practical ways to overcome them. You’ll also read stories of others who are seeking to orient themselves to God through prayer. If you’re ready for God to transform your heart and mind, you will know the life that Jesus has promised; a life of peace and joy that cannot be taken away by the trials of this world.


Art for this post  “Into the Deep: Finding Peace through Prayer” by Dan Burke:  Book cover for Into the Deep: Finding Peace through Prayer courtesy of Dan Burke and used with permission.

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