Miracles of Mercy: Retreat Guide on the Healing Touch of Jesus



The newest Retreat Guide from RC Spirituality, Miracles of Mercy: A Retreat Guide on the Healing Touch of Jesus, is now available at www.RCSpirituality.org.

When was the last time you reflected deeply, even meditated, on one of Jesus’ miracles? He performed an awful lot of them. Thirty-four are recorded in the Gospels. And St. John tells us that those are just a small percentage of the total. He writes:

“There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written.” – John 21:25

If Jesus performed so many miracles, there must have been a reason. God must have something to say to us through all these miraculous deeds. What is the message behind these miracles? That’s the question that this Retreat Guide, Miracles of Mercy: A Retreat Guide on the Healing Touch of Jesus, will explore.

  • In the First Meditation, we will look at two of Jesus’ miracles and see how they reveal God’s power and his love. In other words, they show that he not only is able to heal us, but he also wants to.
  • In the Second Meditation, we will reflect on a different event to see how all of Jesus’ miracles are also signs meant to point our attention towards our true destiny.
  • And in the Conference, we will see how we ourselves can become better and better living signs of God’s mercy, living miracles, as it were, by understanding and taming the emotion of anger.


Art: Logo for Miracles of Mercy: A Retreat Guide on the Healing Touch of Jesus was provided by Father John Bartunek and rcspirituality.org and used with their permission.

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