Greatest Mother: Happy Mother’s Day Mary!

 The Greatest Mother: Happy Mother’s Day Mary!
Greatest Mother

Our Blessed Mother is the highest honor of our race!  She has done so much for us in saying yes to God and His plan.  She has enabled our salvation by her fiat.  And, she continued to intercede for us every day.  She like mothers everywhere, she is very busy doing God’s work.  And, just like all good mothers, she takes time for us, listening to us, consoling us.  Because she is the Mother of God, she has a very special intercessory power.  She is truly the best Mother of all.


Please take a moment to thank God for Mary, the greatest Mother,
to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day,

and to ask her to intercede for your mother!


Art for this post wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Mary, the greatest mother: Adoration of the Child, Antonio da Correggio, between 1518 and 1520, PD-US author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.


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