The Widow’s Might: A Retreat Guide for Lent



The newest Retreat Guide from RC Spirituality, The Widow’s Might: A Retreat Guide for Lent, is now available at .

In the Book of Acts, St. Paul provides a quotation from Jesus that never appears in the four Gospels. Here is the passage:

“…[K]eep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’” –Acts 20:35

Giving is better than getting, according to the Lord; generosity leads to greater happiness (“blessedness”) than cupidity.

We need to continually turn our attention to Jesus, so that the priorities of his heart can gradually become the priorities of our hearts. And that’s what this Lenten Retreat Guide, The Widow’s Might, is all about.

  • In the first meditation, we will hear Jesus teach about true generosity.
  • In the second meditation, we will contemplate one of his parables about the limited value of material things.
  • And in the conference, we will review the deep yet very practical theological concept of stewardship.

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