The Tomb and the Pearl: Retreat Guide for Easter

Retreat Guide for Easter: The Tomb and the Pearl

Copy of The Tomb and the Pearl - Available[2]

The newest Retreat Guide from RC Spirituality, “The Tomb and the Pearl: A Retreat Guide for Easter,” is designed to help you “go forward towards the light”, as the Holy Father recently put it, so that the glorious Easter Mystery can make a fresh impact on your life.

  • In the first meditation, you will participate in St. Mary Magdalene’s transforming experience of the empty tomb on that first Easter Sunday.
  • The second meditation shows you how to seek your own personal transformation through our Lord’s parable of the pearl of great price.
  • And in the conference, we will review the “Four Last Things” — death, judgment, heaven, and hell — addressing the false ideas prevalent in secular culture that distort our vision of the afterlife and affect our vision of life here.

As always, the Retreat Guides can be watched, listened to, or read – whichever helps you pray better. Enjoy using it for your own personal growth, invite someone else or gather up family and friends to make an online Do-It-Yourself Catholic Retreat Guide. Check it out now at

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