Dear RCSD Family,

As you know I recently sent you a note about the car accident with my wife and son along with the myriad of challenges this past week. Frankly, I am a bit Rembrandt_Christ_in_the_Storm_on_the_Lake_of_Galilee Wikimedial Commonsembarrassed by the response in the sense that I really expected a few good folks to say they were praying for us and that would be it. Instead, your response has been overwhelming. I am beyond grateful for you.

As with all extraordinary challenges there always comes a measure of grace that is necessary for those facing difficulties to endure them with strength and perseverance. In our case, the extraordinary grace came from you.

Though all the notes were very encouraging, several provided profound consolations. Foremost was an email from a priest in the Vatican noting that our prayer intentions would be included with the Papal Mass! As you might imagine, this caused me to smile ear to ear. Words simply cannot express the love that I experienced from God through this note of encouragement.

As well, so many of you have sent life giving notes of commitments to pray and offer financial support. One that nearly brought tears to my eyes was a $5.00 monthly commitment from a holy woman who only makes $12,000 per year. I really have no idea how to respond to such profound self-giving and generosity.

I have tried my best to reply to all of you with at least a quick “thank you.” Forgive me if I missed you but the volume has been tremendous.

At the moment, please continue to pray for the team working on the issues with the site and we will keep you updated. We will need to make significant investments to recover and prevent this in the future and I want to thank you again for those of you who have jumped in to help us financially.

As I was writing this note of thanksgiving, one reader asked me to clarify something. The Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction site has been hacked but our donation site has not and is a separate banking institution that is 100% safe for donations. So, if you hesitated to give because of that, please be assured that your financial contributions are all very secure. Click here to donate.

Your continued prayers are important and appreciated. As for our specific intentions:

  • That the woman who hit my wife and son would find peace and healing in Christ as she seeks to find answers to the suffering in her life.
  • That her insurance would cover all of our damages.
  • That those working on the site would quickly discover all malicious code and be able to mitigate it.
  • That we would be able to find a way to recover the lost files.
  • That we have the wisdom to discern the best approach to mitigating these challenges in the future.
  • That we have sufficient funds to do so.

Thank you again for all your kind words, you prayers, and your financial support. I pray that by the end of this coming week we will be able to get back to the work of encouraging you to lift your eyes and your souls to heaven.

Yours in Christ,


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