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Prayer Life:

Fr. John Bartunek and Dan Burke talk about the root causes of aridity or dryness in our prayer lives and what we can do about them:


Prayer Life: Dryness or Aridity
Prayer Life: Dryness or Aridity

Father John Bartunek outlines the two basic causes of dryness in prayer: my fault or God’s fault!  He further discusses why each one of these may be the cause and how we need to be honest with ourselves and examine our conscience.  A spiritual director can help with this.  How can it be God’s fault when consolation is lacking?  Is God’s grace withdrawn as well? Is God’s presence withdrawn? Why does God permit dryness or aridity?  What remedy is there for these things?  They also discuss an analogy to what it feels like to have dryness in prayer, and also issues of attachment and detachment.


Art: Bryce Canyon, Lois Sapio, May 19, 2015, all rights reserved, used with permission.  Feature picture art: Still of Father John Bartunek and Dan Burke filming this segment on dryness or aridity in one’s prayer life, 2012, used with permission.

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