Video – What is Christian Meditation?

Christian Meditation: What is it?
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Dan Burke
Dan Burke
Fr John Bartunek
Fr John Bartunek

Christian Meditation:

Father John Bartunek and Dan Burke discuss meditation, which has a long history in the very rich tradition of the Catholic Church.  As well, it is a central spiritual discipline in our spiritual lives.  Many topics and questions are covered in this video. Among these are: What is Christian meditation? What is the key element of this meditation? How is it distinct from non-Christian eastern meditation? How is it different from vocal prayer? What are the most important things to understand about Christian meditation and developing a personal relationship with Christ? Who is our personal coach in this the practice of meditation? How does the Catechism of the Catholic Church define prayer? What is really the essence of Christianity?


theBetterPartCoverSmallEditor’s Note: To learn more about this and to dig deeper in your relationship with Christ through Christian meditation, please consider purchasing Fr. John’s fantastic book, The Better Part – A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer.


Art: The cover of Father John Bartunek’s book “The Better Part” is used with permission. The photographs of Dan Burke and Father John Bartunek are used with permission as well.

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