Can I order more than one signed copy of your book?

Dear Dan, am I allowed to make multiple donations in order to receive more than one signed copy of Navigating the Interior your bookLife? I would like to give a copy to the deacon at my parish and a few other people for Christmas as it will be out just in time for me to do my Christmas shopping!

Absolutely! On a related note, I was just speaking with one of the leaders of a US based spiritual direction school and he indicated that they believe that deacons are going to need to carry the torch of spiritual direction in parishes if the discipline is to flourish as it needs to. In this light, I wrote the book with the Spiritual Director in mind as in that he/she can use it as a template for both to follow in spiritual direction. So, please buy them for your deacons, priests, and spiritual directors!

Your question provides a great opportunity to update everyone on the progress of the book. Before I do, here’s the deal. If you would like to receive an advance signed copy of the book you can make a donation to Catholic Spiritual Direction for $25.00 for each book. Once the books are in print, I will sign and send it/them to you (as many as you like). PLEASE NOTE: Read this post carefully. The book is NOT in print yet. The publisher, Emmaus Road Publishing, has indicated that late fall is the target.

An Update on Book Progress

As far as an update goes, I have completed the review of my book with the Censor Deputatus. The good news? He found that the book is clean of anything contrary to Church teaching. He also made some great suggestions for clarification of some items and I have made those edits. The next step is for him to send a letter to the Bishop stating that all is well in order for the Bishop to grant an Imprimatur. The bottom line is that the book passed rigorous review of three scholars and is now ready for the publisher to move forward.

This is where things are out of my hands a bit. The publisher has a number of books in the works. Last word is that they will go to print in the fall. Please pray!

To take advantage of the offer mentioned above – CLICK HERE and please be prayerfully patient!

Oh yes, to answer one other question about the book, yes, it will be available in Kindle format once it is available in print.

Any other questions about the book? Feel free to ask in the combox of this post.

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