We War Not Against Flesh and Blood: Urgent Appeal to Pray and Act

We War Not Against Flesh and Blood: Urgent appeal to …
Pray and Act!

pray and actDear Friends – If you have followed this site at all you know that this is a no-politics zone for some of the same reasons we don’t talk about the Liturgy much. It is a very contentious topic and likely to divide people who might otherwise kneel side by side in authentic fellowship.

However, there are times when the sediment of the muddy river of politics settles and the waters become completely clear. The time is now, and the issue is crystal clear. Even if you don’t agree with Church teachings on some of these matters, it still matters to you and our country. This is a grave violation of our civil liberties and natural law. The consequences will be no less grave to religious freedom in our nation for people of all faiths. Please read this post over at the National Catholic Register along with our featured story and pray, pray, pray and act: get out spread the news.

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Click here for the prayer to Archangel Michael…



Art for this post “We war not against flesh and blood: Urgent appeal to pray and act”: San Miguel Arcangel venciendo al demonio (Saint Michael the Archangel defeating the devil), Höllensturz, Altarbild von Johann Michael Rottmayr, 1697, Schlosskapelle St. Michael (Tittmoning), PD-US, Wikimedia Commons. Art for feature image: Praying Hands study for an Apostle figure of the “Heller” altar (Betende Hände), Albrecht Dürer, ca 1508, PD-US, Wikimedia Commons.

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