From hatred to hope – one man’s journey into the Catholic Church…

From Hatred to Hope:
One Man’s Journey into the Catholic Church

From Hatred to Hope: One Man’s Journey into the Catholic Church:  Between beating my mother into the emergency room and firing a handgun in our home, my stepfather attempted to convince me that Catholicism was the one true faith. As you might imagine, his approach wasn’t very effective. Recently I was able to share a short version of my conversion story (on an Evangelical/Protestant radio station of all places) with the audience of Focus on Life Radio in Birmingham Alabama. If you find it interesting and need a speaker for your parish or Catholic group, send me an email at Presently I am booked up for most of the next year but I still have a few slots left. Please keep me in your prayers. I will be speaking for a private group in Montana next month. My prayer is that I am nothing and that Christ be exalted.


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