Do you have a question about the spiritual life?

Question: Do you have a question about the spiritual life?



Dear Friends – Because so many of you have asked, I have made it easier to find out how to submit a question to us. You will find the link in the top of the middle column for now. Thank you for you constant interest in seeking to know, love, and serve Him!

Seek Him – Find Him – Follow Him



We want to serve you and help you in your journey to the Lord by encouraging you to seek spiritual direction, teaching you how to find a spiritual direction, how to find a spiritual director who is faithful to the Magisterium, and many other questions about spiritual direction.  We welcome your questions about the spiritual direction process.  We also welcome your questions on the spiritual life itself.  We have a particular interest in prayer and the different types of prayer, the right kind of prayer, difficulties in prayer.  As well, we are additionally concerned about the dangers that spiritual warfare, new age, anxiety, scruples, etc, can play in the spiritual life.  This site has a particular interest in Carmelite spirituality and faithfulness to Christ: in the Scriptures and also via the Church and all She believes and teaches.


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