Help me to stay with you…

Help me to Stay with You …

Stay with You …

stay with youStay with me Lord.” Should that be my fervent cry? It’s not, but I am not ashamed. I don’t yearn for your presence, because I am already painfully aware that you are here. My cry is, “I beg you Lord, help me to stay with you!” You are present and I am distracted. You are everything to me, yet I treat you as if you are only present when I turn my feeble heart to you. How is it that I can burn for you and then, in an instant, over a matter that means nothing to me, my heart is turned away? Because of the broken compass of my soul, you are gone from my sight, but you have never left me. I do not see you, but you are ever present with me.  Over nothing, I abandon you! It grieves me Lord. I am tired of the foolishness of my wayward heart. Cleanse me. Make me whole and wholly thine. By one simple and effortless touch, you can dispel and heal the darkness in my heart. Lord, I know you are with me, please allow me to be with you.


Art for this post titled “Help me to Stay with You …”: Modified detail of Landscape with Christ and His Disciples on the Road to Emmaus, Jan Wildens, 1640s, author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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