A Friend’s Easter Story: No such Thing as a Bad Egg?

An Easter story from a friendDear CSD Friends,

Father John received this note from a friend and thought you might enjoy it…


Dear Friends and Family,

I had a beautiful little miracle happen that I want to share with you. I resolved last week to make a special effort to offer little sacrifices throughout the day to show my love for Christ, rather than grumbling about them (my usual first instinct).

Well, my first test came when I went to make breakfast for my family this past Saturday, and I saw that we only had one egg left. For some reason I was really craving a fried egg sandwich, which I had made for my husband the night before-with avocado and cheese and real mayonnaise. So I talked my daughter into oatmeal (really…she likes it) and then held my breath when I asked my husband if he wanted breakfast. To my delight, he said no! So I got out all of the ingredients for my heavenly egg sandwich when my husband saw this and said, “Oh! Are you making my favorite breakfast? I guess I’ll have to reconsider.” But…we only have one egg! Yes, I said this out loud, so of course he insisted that I eat it.

Remembering my resolution for the week, I ultimately gave him-and Jesus-the egg sandwich. It actually felt pretty good! Imagine my surprise Monday morning when I opened up my favorite book of gospel meditations by Fr. John Bartunek (The Better Part), and he introduces the day’s gospel reading with a quote from St. Albert the Great:

An egg given during life for love of God is more profitable for eternity than a cathedral full of gold given after death.”

Who knew?! May you have a blessed Easter Triduum, and don’t forget to share those Easter eggs!


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