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The Second Most Important Thing…

Let’s face it; life is fast-paced. We never have enough time to do everything we want to. We rush around from commitment to commitment and still can’t squeeze everything in – especially something like prayer, which is not only difficult and demanding, but its results are most often intangible. So, if you’ve decided to run the adventure of your life on its proper fuel (prayer), you need to purposely schedule in your fill-ups. A firm decision to pray every day will soon evaporate if you don’t DECIDE AHEAD OF TIME WHEN you will pray. You schedule in your classes, your workouts, your meals, your appointments, your studies – have you scheduled in your prayer time? Why not? “I just pray whenever I feel like it; you know, God is always around, so I just talk to him when I feel inspired.” Hmm. Sounds like a cop-out. If you really care about someone, you make a point of spending time with them, and you don’t let other things get in your way. Besides, if Jesus himself habitually reserved time just for prayer without compromising the spontaneity of his love for the Father, don’t you think it would be wise to follow suit? “Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35) If you’re still not convinced, be scientific: do an experiment. Schedule your daily prayer ahead of time for a week, follow through with it, and see what happens. It will change your life.

Yours In Christ, Father John Bartunek, LC

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