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Catholic Spiritual Direction

I Can’t Find a Spiritual Director Loyal to the Magisterium


I Can’t Find a Spiritual Director Loyal to the Magiesterium Dear Fr. John, I have read Dan’s book, Navigating the Interior Life, and have diligently followed all of his suggestions for how to find a spiritual director. Frankly, I am frustrated to tears writing this to you. I have not found a director who actually believes the teachings of the Church. In fact, I have met with several priests and laypeople. Every one of them,... Read More

Should I be looking for another spiritual director?

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Dear Father John, I was wondering if you could give me a bit of perspective. I recently asked a director to help me in my discernment of religious life.  After he agreed I wrote out a summary of the context for my perceived call along with a list of my vices/faults, graces/strengths, etc. The arrangement was that after reading the letter, we would talk, with the idea that I would write emails every week or two, and we would... Read More

Is it ok to have a spiritual director not as advanced as I am in prayer?

March 20, 2013 by  
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Dear Dan, my spiritual journey seems to be leading me deeper into contemplative prayer. Is it important for me to find a director who is experienced in contemplation, or is it okay for me to have someone who is compatible with me in other areas but not necessarily in this? Dear friend, you have asked several good questions. That said, there are also a few questions that need to be answered so that we can avoid common confusion... Read More

Where can I find a spiritual director?

September 3, 2012 by  
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Dear Father John, I remember reading long ago St. Vincent Ferrer’s “Treatise on the Spiritual Life”, which near the end says that those who cannot find a director will, if sincere, be guided by God/the Holy Spirit himself. He does Not say how God will do this (audibly, by supernatural phenomena, by circumstances one lives in or encounters, by books, or some other ways)? I would very Much like to receive your Valued... Read More

How can I determine if a spiritual director is faithful to the church?

Dear Dan, I am hesitant to go to a local priest for spiritual direction because I am worried about his submission, or lack of submission to the Church. He is a good priest but he has made some confusing comments about abortion and a few political topics etc. Are there simple questions I can ask and a way to ask (that would not be offensive) to help me determine if a particular priest or lay person (a potential spiritual director)... Read More

Archbishop Naumann on Spiritual Direction and a New School For Spiritual Direction

I recently had the opportunity to interview with his Excellency Archbishop Naumann of the archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas for Register Radio on an important work going on in his archdiocese to train spiritual mentors. Because of the time constraints of the show we had to cut it down quite a bit. Below you will find the content of the longer interview. Archbishop Naumann has a deep commitment to the spiritual welfare of those... Read More

Spiritual Guides, Spiritual Directors, and Spiritual Mentors – What’s the difference?

May 17, 2011 by  
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Dear Dan, What is the difference between a spiritual director or mentor? I have heard the terms used interchangeably… are they the same thing? Good question. Depending upon the source of training of the spiritual director, there are different types or titles of those who offer spiritual direction. For instance, a number of movements in the Church offer training for lay people so that they can provide spiritual direction.... Read More

Should my confessor and spiritual director be the same person?

Dear Dan, should I get spiritual direction from the priest who regularly takes my confession? I don’t know if he would be interested but I wanted to ask about the appropriateness of this approach before I ask him. Is there a down side? As with most questions we receive, yours is very encouraging. The first level of encouragement comes from your regular commitment to confession. The second is that you are answering the call... Read More

Docility in spiritual direction – why it is a good idea to follow your director’s advice

Divine Intimacy_K2

I have a bit of my own foolishness to share with you today. In my book on spiritual direction (scheduled to go to print late next year through Emmaus Road Publishing) I offer the following advice regarding docility to our spiritual directors: Authentic docility is an essential ingredient in any successful spiritual direction relationship.  What is docility?  Docility is a humble readiness to follow God’s will for our lives.... Read More

Faithful priests are too busy… What do I do? How can I find a spiritual director?

May 27, 2010 by  
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Dear Dan, My director is a wonderful, caring person but is also quite a bit less inclined to follow the magisterium than I am. I wish I had the opportunity to see a faithful priest from time to time. I have tried hard to find a priest willing to provide me with spiritual direction (especially now, as I am going through some severe moral crises and sufferings); however, I have been turned down repeatedly because they are too busy... Read More

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