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Book Review: The Devil in the Castle

“Dan Burke has introduced me to a saintly friend who is not beyond me at all, but who wants to guide me beyond the outer chamber of my soul and into its very depths. For she knows that in the interior castle I will find the love and light of the Lord Who deeply wants to share that inner chamber with me.” – Sarah Damm


The Inn and the Stable

When God came to earth, there was no room in the inn, but there was room in the stable. What lesson is hidden behind the inn and the stable?

in purgatory

The Saints on Purgatory

Your own love for the souls in Purgatory — expressed by your prayers and sacrifices on their behalf — is received very favorably by God.


Solutions from the Saints

By their spiritually successful lives, the saints can inspire us, encourage us, and give us practical wisdom and examples on how to cope with and overcome life’s challenges.

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