Category: Capital Sins

A Test for Pridefulness

“In preparation for Lent, take this short self-test for pridefulness: How do you take correction? How teachable are you?” – Monsignor Charles Pope


Exorcist Diary: Demons of Obesity

“Can demons induce someone, in a case of their extraordinary activity, to behave compulsively? Can they induce a compulsive eating disorder?” – Monsignor Stephen Rossetti


Spiritual Childhood and Demonic Pride

“If the way of contemplation and discipleship that the Lord calls me to embrace becomes just about how I will serve on my terms, what I am owed, or retribution then I will follow an apparent angel of light who is a deceiver. Without such child-like vigilance, I easily can reecho the cry of Lucifer, I will not serve.” – Fr. Matthew MacDonald


Not Excusing Oneself

How does excusing our faults blind us? Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen explains in this excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy”.

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