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Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Why do we celebrate the Solemnity of St Joseph today? Liz Estler reflects on this feast and explores the history and tradition surrounding it.


126. Money, Money, Money (Mark 10:17-31)

Is keeping the Ten Commandments enough to have treasure in heaven? What did Jesus say? Find out when Fr. John Bartunek reflects on Sunday’s upcoming Gospel, an excerpt from his meditation book “The Better Part”.


Consecration to the Sacred Heart

On today’s Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, Liz Estler illustrates how the Sacred Heart is found in Scripture, briefly outlines the historical development of devotion to the Sacred Heart in Church history, and provides various formulas for consecration.


The Resurrection of Our Bodies

Does what we do with our bodies affect our spiritual and apostolic lives? Find out when Dr. Peter Howard reflects on the dualism we sometimes unknowingly fall into and when he challenges us to come alive with Christ.


Mary, Mother of the Church

Why has Pope Francis just instituted a new feast titled “Mary, Mother of the Church”? Find out more about this memorial to be celebrated immediately after Pentecost.

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