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The Antidote for Death: Living Bread

“In this Sacrament, He can even baptize us in deep silence until our whole being joins the hosts of heaven in the aching joy of hymns of praise.” Dr. Lilles continues a series on the Real Presence.


Why Do So Few Believe in the Real Presence?

“Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence of the Risen Lord because teachers, ministers, and public voices have winked at evil and rejected the demands of the Gospel. We wanted the comfortable and the reality of this Presence was inconvenient.” Dr. Lilles knocks it out of the park today on the blog.


The Invitation to the Banquet

How do you respond to Jesus’ banquet invitation? Reflect with Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen in this excerpt from his classic Carmelite meditation book “Divine Intimacy” on today’s solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, also known as “Corpus Christi”.


The Gift of Love

Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen reflects on the Eucharist, the gift of Love, instituted by Christ on Holy Thursday night.

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