Tag: Dan Burke

The Deep Waters of God’s Love

This week Dan, Melissa and Dr. Anthony Lilles immerse themselves in the deep waters of God’s love seen through the eyes of St. Therese of Lisieux in her oblation to merciful love.


Instantaneous Purification

Dan, Melissa and Dr. Anthony Lilles examine the ray of hope St. Therese sends to us through her oblation to merciful love in speaking of instantaneous purification; the Lord’s mercy when preparing a soul to meet Him.


Finding Hope and Healing in Prayer (Video)

Can we really be made new again? Is there really hope for me, a sinner? These are difficult questions but the answer is a resounding YES. This is why Jesus came, to draw us into the reality of peace and healing that only comes through relationship with Him. This relationship begins in the sacraments but is nourished and deepened daily in and through prayer.


God’s Little Victim

This week Dan, Melissa and Dr. Anthony Lilles discuss the meaning of being God’s “little victim” and the idea of consoling God.

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