Rosary Crusade Line-Up


Dan and Stephanie Burke

Reflection on Joyful Mysteries

Dr. Anthony Lilles – Co-founder of the Avila Institute, Academic Dean St. Patrick’s Seminary

First Decade: Annunciation

Carmelite Nuns of Sacramento –

Second Decade: Visitation

Chris Stefanick –

Third Decade: Nativity

Archbishop Cordelione –

Fourth Decade: Presentation

Fr. Donald Calloway – and

Fifth Decade: Finding of Child Jesus

Fr. David Pivonka – and

Reflection on Sorrowful Mysteries

Bishop Strickland – and

First Decade: Agony in Garden

Teresa Tomeo – and

Second Decade: Scourging at Pillar

Fr. Clark, Msgr. Rossetti, and Msgr. Pope –

Third Decade: Crowning of Thorns

Immaculee Ilibigazi –

Fourth Decade: Carrying of Cross

Kimberly Hahn –

Fifth Decade: Death of Jesus

Nashville Dominicans –

Reflection on Luminous Mysteries

Cardinal Arborelius –

First Decade: Baptism of Jesus

Fr. Josh Johnson –

Second Decade: Wedding at Cana

Michelle Benzinger & Heather Khym –

Third Decade: Proclamation of Kingdom

Kathleen Beckman –

Johnnette Benkovic Williams –

Fourth Decade: Transfiguration

Carmelites of Alhambra –

Fifth Decade: Institution of Eucharist

Fr. Boniface Hicks –

Reflection on Glorious Mysteries

Fr. William Watson, SJ – Sacred Story Audio Book

First Decade: Resurrection

Fr. Dennis McManus –

Second Decade: Ascension

Dr. Kevin Vost –

Third Decade: Descent of Holy Spirit

Lila Rose –

Simone Rizkallah – and Endow Podcast

Fourth Decade: Assumption

Fr. Ignatius Schweitzer –

Fifth Decade: Coronation

Dr. Ralph Martin –

Closing Prayers: Hail Holy Queen

Dan and Stephanie Burke

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