"I cannot tell you how much peace or maybe it's consolation I've received from this Retreat. My life took a major turn during the last 6 months and I very much needed to hear the testimony and direction the speakers have so generously shared. God bless you all."​

Ecce Homo


We are a religious community in the Philippines and have been thirsting for a greater intimacy with the Lord in thanksgiving for the gift of life as well as to use this Holy Week as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Him. Thankfully I received the Ecce Homo invite in my email!  Thank you for this retreat!

Ecce Homo


You guys are the absolute best for everything you do. Thank you for granting this extension to me. I love you all at Avila Foundation. My Lent has been a true lent of suffering...I am looking forward to al lthe talks and the peace I receive, as I did last year.

Ecce Homo


The Ecce Homo Lenten Retreat live access is over.

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