Some of the thoughts in your head are not your own and you shouldn’t listen to them.

This single sentence can change everything. It can set you free. Break chains. Open doors—and even more, open your eyes.

You know that there are battles all around us. But did you know about the battle in—and for—your mind?

Every Catholic needs to know about the war in their thoughts and be given the means to fight back.

And because we want to share more with you about this, on July 31, the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Dan Burke and Fr. Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V, the foremost writer and retreat leader on Ignatian spirituality and discernment, will be holding a webinar on Discernment of Spirits on the evening of the launch of Dan’s new video series, Spiritual Warfare and Discernment of Spirits.

  • Hear how we each came to discover the richness of Ignatius’ insights.
  • Learn about the battles fought and won when applied in our lives.
  • Discover how individuals and groups around the world are discovering freedom and peace.
  • Get your questions about Ignatian Discernment of Spirits answered live.
  • Find out how you can instantly access the series and take a deep dive into these rules and their application to your life!

Join us for this webinar by filling out the form below:

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